Proud to announce the latest addition to the festival: Denmarks HATESPHERE.


Hatesphere is a Danish death and thrash metal band from Aarhus. The band was formed in 1998 by guitarist Peter “Pepe” Hansen. As of 2010, the band consists of vocalist Esben “Esse” Hansen, guitarists Peter “Pepe” Hansen, and Jakob Nyholm, bass player Jimmy Nedergaard and drummer Mike Park. The band has released seven albums and two EPs to date.

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SISTER SIN is no more!

“As of today, November 7th 2015, SISTER SIN is no more.”

“We know this may come as a surprise to many of you; honestly, it kinda took us by surprise too. ”
“What was supposed to be a short eight weeks break, suddenly & unfortunately, turned in to the demise of the band.”

“-We have been touring and recording in a relentless schedule since 2008 and I guess we burned the candle in both ends and hit a wall. When we finally had the opportunity to step back and get some perspective, the motivation for some members in the band just wasn’t there any more…”

“Would like to take this opportunity and thank our beloved road crew, Victory Rec, Danger Music, Artery Foundation, TKO & all other great people and companies we worked with these past seven years as a professional touring act.”

“Most of all we would like to thank YOU; Our dedicated, devoted, loving and caring fans around the globe! We´ve truly been blessed to be able to travel the world and meet so very many of you Sinners. -Together we managed to sell tens of thousands of albums and achieve what most young bands only can dream of in this day and age.”
“You truly are the sole reason we pushed on for as long as we did and we will cherish the memories forever and never forget your unconditional love!”

“It is our hope that the flame will burn once again and hopefully resurrect this Swedish bastard sometime in the future. Time will tell…”

“For now; Au Revoir”

Dave, Liv, Jimmy, Strand.



We will announce a replacement for Sister Sin shortly for the 2016 edition of Gothenburg Sound Festival

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2016 line-up!


Like old­timey carnival ringmasters, AVATAR invites miscreants, tattooed ladies, blue­collar workers, metalheads, rock fanatics and listeners of all stripes to their party. The theatrical metal­n’­roll vaudevillian visionaries have infiltrated Rock Radio and the hearts and minds of those thirsty for creative innovation, inescapable melodic hooks and a sense of dangerous revelry all wrapped up in deliciously subversive hit songs.




After the release of their first album, »Eden Fire« (2005),  SONIC SYNDICATE arose from the pulsating underground in 2007 when Nuclear Blast put out their stunningly intense second album »Only Inhuman«. The band went up to the game’s top players in no time and were even able to set the bar higher with their next effort, »Love And Other Disasters« (2008). Touring with bands like AMON AMARTH, IN FLAMES and NIGHTWISH eventually cemented their status as the hottest new band around  (Best Newcomer 2008 twice at Swedish Metal Awards and at Bandit Rock Awards, Best Music Video 2010). 

After 30million youtube views of their official music videos and constantly being on the road or in the studio, the band decided to take a break for the first time since 2005. Being on a hiatus gave the band the opportunity to work just as easy and song orientated as it was never given before.

4 years later, SONIC SYNDICATE was back! With their new ”self titled” album recorded at Bohus Recordings (Kungälv, Sweden) and produced by  Roberto Lahgi (In Flames, Deathstars), SONIC SYNDICATE went back on the road with their headlining tour ”Diabolical Tour of Art” and later joined and supported MACHINE HEAD parts of their European run.




Spiders formed in Gothenburg in 2010 and their music is described as’ 70s hard rock ,” Motörheadstök “and” riff party “and is  praised by the magazines Classic Rock, Record Collector and Sweden Rock, to name a few.

In 2014 Spiders signed a contract with Reactor Recordings / Universal Music where the band recently released the single “Mad Dog” . Spiders consists of: Ann-Sofie Hoyles (vocals), John Hoyles (guitar), Olle Grip Hammer (bass) and Ricard Harryson (drums).




The Night Flight Orchestra is a Swedish Classic Rock band that pays tribute to the more glitzy and luxurious packaging of classic melodic rock from the 70th century and 80th century. Maybe not what you would expect when the band members come from the considerably heavier and more brutal acts, among others Soilwork and Arch Enemy.The Night Flight Orchestra released their second studio album “Skyline Whispers” June 9 via Coroner Records – the album received rave reviews.




Stoney Mountain is newly established rock band consisting of Peter Iwers (In Flames), Fredrik Stenberg, Paulo Mendonca and Jeff Scott Soto (ex Yngwie, Talisman, Wet, Soto, TSO). Jonas Ekdahl (Evergrey, Death Destruction) is the guest drummer at the show on the 9:th. The idea came from the project AUAB (artists united against bullying) that started a year ago to combat bullying, and we decided to make a proper group of it.




SISTER SIN skillfully inject elements of classic, metal-tinged hard rock in the vein of W.A.S.P, ACCEPT, and JUDAS PRIEST, while remaining contemporary and palatable with attitude and streetsmarts that carry over towards the Hardcore and Punk scene. Front woman Liv Jagrell is as commanding as ever with heavy, full-throated roars and sing-along choruses, backed by heaps of swaggering riffs and ripping guitar solos over a rabblerousing, beat stomping rhythm section. Despite a strong homage to their classic heavy metal predecessors, SISTER SIN establishes themselves as a staple in the modern hard rock scene with raw, captivating musicianship on Black Lotus. Forget nostalgia: heavy metal is alive and screaming!



Tickets will be available on friday 23 october, 09:00 via this link: http://burl.nu/i24ci5

Save the date… 09/01/2016

We are back in full force on the 9:th of January at Trädgårn! Stay tuned because in the coming days we will release the festivals 2016 line-up!

Bandit Rock Award victory

Proud to announce that we’ve been awarded the price as Sweden’s finest rock festival by the country’s biggest rock and metal radio, Bandit Rock. We humbly hope to be able to deliver the same quality the following years, and will make our utmost effort to do so!

Awesome review from Evergrey’s stunning show

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